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A trip to Thessaloniki can be ideally combined with an excursion to popular destinations in Greece! Whether a journey to the beautiful seas of Halkidiki or to explore the magnificent archaeological and historical sites of northern Greece, your trip will certainly be unforgettable.

popular excursions from Thessaloniki



  • Duration: 1h 20min

Edessa is the very first capital of Macedonia! Except of this, Edessa is particularly well-known for the twelve Impresive Waterfalls creating a breathtaking natural scene. 

Edessa Waterfalls


  • Duration: 40min

Vergina is the second capital of Macedonia and it was there when in 336BC Philip II was Assasinated in the Theatre and Alexander the Great was proclaimed king!

Philip II Golden Larnaca


  • Duration: 1h 10min

Dion(Dios,”of Zeus”) is best known for its great ancient Macedonian sanctuary of Zeus and city, much of which is visible in the Archaeological Park of Dion and the Archaeological Museum of Dion. 

Dion Ancient Temple


  • Duration: 1h 10min

Ancient Pella is the birthplace of  Alexander the Great ! The local History Museum is one of the most important in Greece, with a large number of exhibits from the time Alexander the Great,the King of Macedonia, was spreading his empire to eastern Countries.

Pella Ancient Macedonia


  • Duration: 35min

Stavros is a hidden paradise for your summer vacations! Known for the endless beaches and the beautiful, majestic sunset, there is nothing more you could wish. Close to popular Asprovalta, this destination includes anything you want!

Stavros Panoramic View

Nea Irakleia

  • Duration: 35min

An ideal choice for a trip to the  sea with long sandy beach, beautiful fish taverns and one of the best sunsets you have ever see, only a few minutes  from Thessaloniki. 

Nea Irakleia Beach

Nea Kallikrateia

  • Duration: 45min

Nea Kallikrateia is a beautiful, small city close to Thessaloniki. Is offering great beach, traditional seaside fish taverns and beautiful places to stay. Everything you need for relaxing holidays in Halkidiki!

Kallikrateia Beach


  • Duration: 1h

Kallithea means “Beautiful View”, and everyone visiting her can understand why! Long, sand-only beach and light blue sea, luxury hotels and large summer clubs for all-night party, are making Kallithea one of the top destinations of Chalkidiki.

Kallithea Beach

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